My cousin posted this pic when she mentioned that she had some changes in her life that would require some stretching on her part. It got me to thinkin' about all the things that have helped me stretch over the years. Here are my top five, in order.
1. Brent's illness
2. Being married to a Bishop while trying to raise 4 young children
3. graduating from College while working, being a newlywed
4. My present calling
5. being raised as a step-child
I am a different person today because of all of the above and I am so glad I made it!
What is the thing that has made you stretch the most and why?


Amanda said…
There are many things that have made me STRETCH....I think the things that have made me stretch the most are too personal to share. But one I can share is living on a VERY small teacher's salary while Steve finished school--paying for his school and a house payment at the same time....having nothing makes you stretch:)
Juli said…
Those things would definitely make most anybody stretch. I didn't know that you were raised as a step-child. Aren't you supposed to have red hair or something?!
Mandie said…
Here's mine. All of them very personal, but you shared yours, so I'll share mine too. These are in more of a chronological order.

1. Getting divorced when I was 22. (you probably didn't know that.)
2. My Dad dying four months after I got divorced.
3. My degree and a particularily hard three year music (kodaly)certification that stretched me to my limits professionally.
4. Accepting my children's hearing loss.
5. My husband's continuous travel.
Amanda said…
Okay--mine sounds pretty lame compared to Mandie's list! I did think about deleting my post but decided I am not that much of a wimp! * I will add that we only had one car at the time and I had to walk to and from a teacher.....The kids and parents would see me walking and I tried not to be embarrassed about it:)
The A Team said…
my s-t-r-e-t-c-h list. in chronological order. but i wanted to add a little thing i gained from each along the way.

1. having 10 surgeries between the ages 4-14 and living in and out of hospitals. ~~i met amazing people who changed me and helped me gain an appreciation for what i have.~~

2. choosing to go to a different school away from all my friends i'd been in school with since kindergarten. ~~i became my own person and less afraid of a challenge.~~

3. getting married so young and so poor. i was 19 and we both lost our jobs the week before we were married (yikes). ~~jason and i are best friends and face every challenge as a team.~~

4. moving to az away from family and having my first child out there. ~~made us a family. we were on our own, we only had each other and i wouldn't trade those years for anything.~~

5. almost losing noah and my fertility problems that followed. ~~i'm so grateful for the two children i've been blessed with and every day with them is a miracle in my eyes.~~
Chrystalee said…
When I think of stretching, my mind tends to wander and backtrack upon itself. What has truely made a difference in who I've become? Not just the hardships because we all have those, but the deep-down-changes-from-your-core stretches...

1. One night, I came home from a college opera rehersal after being extraordinarily humiliated by the professor. I learned that night that the Lord truely does hear my prayers and can and will answer my request immediately when the time truely calls for it.

2. Just last month, in the middle of a very tight schedule and with just Ryleigh and myself at the house, I thought I was having a heart attack. I learned that even when the task seems unsurmountable, the Lord has given me the capacity and strength to continue and fulfill my responsibilities.

3. This past summer, I had a complication with my mom. I learned that the Lord can and will help me to soften my heart and admit when I am wrong and apologize for my mistakes.

4. Through all of the time I've spent on earth, I've learned that nothing stays the same. Just because I see things in me that I don't like, I can overcome with the Lords help. Nothing holds me back from becoming the daughter of God that I envision.

None of these are in any particular order. : )
Bethanne said…
Wow, what an interesting concept... yet I think there are too many things to count that have caused me to stretch! It is nice to learn more about YOU though (one tough, amazing woman)...

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