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I think this is pretty impressive stuff - and still ANOTHER reason I love life in a small town. How many of you got birthday letters from your Superintendent of schools for your big day? Well, you do if you live in our town. We have the most AMAZING superintendent. I have been so impressed by him. He sent McKinley (and Jensen) letters for their birthdays and it is signed by him. Granted, I know a secretary probably typed it up, licked the stamp, and stuck it in the envelope but I think that is so cool. They felt so good when they opened up the letter and saw it.

Dr. Watkins also rotates among all the schools (even the high school!) and does car pool lines in the morning. He greets them and helps them out of the car - yes, cold days too. He goes to most of the games too. All the kids know him and yell "hi" to him when they see him.


I am enclosing his follow up comments to an email I sent him about it just to show you what a nice man he is...

"Thank you so much for your kind words. By the way, you are right... my secretary does mail the birthday letters, but I create and print them. As much as I want it to mean something to the students, I want it to mean something to me. I feel less invested if I just sign my name. I am truly blessed to be allowed to serve so many wonderful families in our district - I am glad the Argyle family is a part of the bigger Prosper family. Enjoy the rest of your weekend with your great family! Thanks again!"

-Drew Watkins


Rachel Taylor said…
Wow that is really impressive, nice work on his part!
Kelly said…
Wow!!! What an awesome leader! I loooooved growing up in a small school (graduated in a class of 42 people). My superintendent and his wife came to my wedding reception! Crazy!
The A Team said…
i love that he visits all the schools and opens car doors in the car pool line.

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